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The Road to Hell is Crowded with Tourists

Pack your bags and grab your selfie stick, folks, because the road to hell is paved with tourist attractions!
Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But wait, aren’t touristy places supposed to be paradise on Earth?”
Well, buckle up, my fellow wanderlusters.

The Laugavegur Trail in Iceland

Considered one of the most beautiful and scenic multi-day hiking trails in the world, the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland is a 55-kilometer (34-mile) trek that takes hikers through stunning landscapes of geothermal hot springs, glacial rivers, snow-capped mountains, and vibrant green valleys.

Wild Haggis safari: observing an elusive creature in the Scottish Highlands

If you’re a nature lover and adventure seeker, then going on a Wild Haggis (haggis scoticus) safari should definitely be on your bucket list.
Like the Snow Leopard, the haggis is an elusive creature and only the luckiest travelers ever see it in the wild, but even if you’re not lucky enough to observe it, the majestic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands will leave you unforgettable memories.

Where and when to see the Northern Lights, and how to photograph them

From the ancient Greeks to the indigenous peoples of the Arctic, people have been drawn to the beauty and mystery of the aurora borealis.
Here I share when and where to see the Northern Lights, and give you a few photography tips.

7 challenges facing digital nomads

While the digital nomad lifestyle offers many benefits, such as flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere, it also comes with its share of challenges.
Drawing from my own experience after now 10 years of being a full-time traveler, here are common challenges facing digital nomads and lessons I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way.

The Thirteen Desserts

The Thirteen Desserts, known in French as the “Les Treize Desserts”, is a traditional holiday feast celebrated in Provence, France. It takes place on Christmas Eve and features a spread of thirteen desserts.

9 awesome destinations for digital nomads

There are many great locations for digital nomads, each with its own unique appeal.
Here are a few things to consider when looking for destinations, and a few great places where to spend some time.

Why and how to become a digital nomad

Digital nomads work remotely and travel the world at the same time. Here I share a few of the benefits and some tips on how to become a digital nomad yourself.

Hiking in Le Dramont

Located on the French Riviera about halfway between the jet set town of Saint Tropez and the glitzy Cannes, the Cap du Dramont is a hilly cape at the west end of the Estérel Massif. Despite its relatively small size,… Continue Reading →

To take a zero, fall into a vortex, and more hiking lingo

As any other activity, hiking has its own set of words and expressions that are commonly used within the community. You might not understand a phrase such as How often did you zero when thru-hiking the PCT? if you’re not… Continue Reading →

The best outdoors mapping app (and it’s free!)

Believe it or not, mapping applications is a topic that often comes up when chatting with fellow travelers in hostels. And when out on a hike, I’m regularly asked “Is this the path?” by people I meet on the trail…. Continue Reading →

Roman aqueduct from Mons to Fréjus

Built almost 2 thousand years ago, this 42 km (26 mi) long Roman engineering masterpiece routed water from the hills of Mons to Fréjus (Var, France), a city founded by Julius Caesar and then called Forum Julii (meaning ‘market of Julius’).

No more Fucking in Austria

This small Austrian village located 33 km (20 mi) north of Salzburg gained international fame for no other reason than its name. While written as the English word, it is (as expected) pronounced differently in German.
But Fucking in Austria is no more.

Gävle, Norrland’s oldest city

Located at the southern tip of Norrland, Sweden’s Northern Lands, Gävle is the oldest city of that region.
I had the opportunity to spend an unplanned 24 hours there and was happy I did.

A picturesque Swedish town

Located on the shore of Lake Mälaren, not far from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, the small town of Sigtuna is the perfect place to spend a few summer days. Founded a thousand years ago, just as Sweden was united as a… Continue Reading →

Berlin bears

The bear is the heraldic animal of Berlin, Germany, and is featured on both the city’s coat of arms and flag, so it’s no wonder than you can find (mostly) colorful bear sculptures on sidewalks while wandering around.

Sitting on art

Located just outside of the Galeria Kazimierz in Krakow, Poland, these beautiful benches are original art pieces. Representing open books, each one is designed by a different artist.

9-story tall tower ruins in the woods

The 9-story tall Quistorp lookout tower, erected in the early 1900s in the middle of the Arkoński forest in Szczecin, Poland, was 45 m (148 ft) tall.
How it was destroyed is still unknown.

Graffiti Instagram spots

Vandalism? Art? Political message? Graffiti are highly controversial in many places, but the way they are seen and how well they are tolerated depend largely on what they represent and how well they are executed, as they range from scribble… Continue Reading →

The secret capital of murals?

This Polish city boasts of its internationally famous murals, but you most likely have never heard of them.
If you love street art, it might be worth making a stop there on your next trip to Poland.

The dwarfs invading Wrocław, Poland

Hidden in plain sight on the streets of Wrocław, Poland, are hundreds of bronze gnomes going about their daily activities: working, doing business, playing music, napping, watching TV,…
On sidewalks or hanging from poles, on windowsills and in offices, they are everywhere!

And then, suddenly, everything stops…

In Bulgaria, every year on June 2nd at exactly 12:00pm, air-raid sirens throughout the country resonate to honor all those who died for its freedom from Ottoman rule.

David Cerný’s sculptures in Prague

David Černý is an internationally-renowned Czech sculptor who gained notoriety in 1991 by painting in pink (to impress a girl, as he later said) a Soviet tank that served as a war memorial in central Prague. As the Monument to… Continue Reading →

A hidden gem in the heart of Prague

One of my favorite places in Prague, the Franciscan garden (Františkánská zahrada) is a little-known oasis right in the middle of the city, completely surrounded by buildings and very close to Jungmann Square and Wenceslas Square. It is a place… Continue Reading →

Budapest’s Memento Park

Located on the outskirts of Budapest, far from the tourist crowds swarming around Castle Hill and the Chain Bridge, the largely ignored Memento Park is an open-air museum where statues and sculpted plaques from the Communist period are on display.

Mind the gap

Being one of the oldest in the world, the Budapest metro system has indeed a long history. Though I wouldn’t say its metro stations are the most beautiful in the world, some are certainly worth a look. Completed in 1896,… Continue Reading →

Upside Down House in Tartu, Estonia

The Upside Down House (Tagurpidi Maja) is located near the Estonian National Museum in the Raadi neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Tartu, Estonia. Everything inside is also turned upside down, with furniture hanging from the ceiling.

Tiny statues in Budapest

Scattered around Budapest near some of the most crowded and touristic locations are a bunch of tiny statues, hidden in plain sight. Those are much more than a local secret, since many residents don’t even know about them!

Budapest’s third wheel

Those ladies are lovely, but shouldn’t someone tell them it’s not raining? This group of sculptures by Imre Varga, the “Women with Umbrella” are located just off the main square of Óbuda, a district in the north of Budapest. From… Continue Reading →

A month in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a city I like a lot, but unfortunately I had never stayed more than a few days. I’m happy to finally spend a full month here. It’s really cold in January, as expected, but the city is as… Continue Reading →

How to anger Danish horse breeders

The life-size bronze equestrian statue of King Christian IX, in Christiansborg Palace’s inner courtyard, was created by Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. The sculptor sought throughout the country for the right horse to stand as a model, but finally found it in… Continue Reading →

Copenhagen: an architectural feast for the eyes

Granted, Copenhagen looks even better in the sun, as pretty much any place on Earth, but its architecture stands out any time of the year. Anywhere you turn your eyes, they’ll be met with beauty. The Church of Our Saviour… Continue Reading →

Travel books

“Books are a world of adventure you can hold in your hands.”
On this World Book Day, here are some recommended travel books, full of inspiration and destination ideas.

3 shades of gray

So far during this stay in Copenhagen, days have been either cloudy, cloudier or cloudiest. Actually, I really don’t mind it, because Christmas markets and lights all over the city look better in the dark anyway. Only snow is missing… Continue Reading →

You won’t pronounce this word right!

The traditional Danish smørrebrød consists of a piece of buttered rye bread, a dense, dark brown bread, on which topping (pålæg) is added. Topping can be cold cuts, fish (pickled herring is a classic), cheese, spreads, boiled eggs, prawns, etc…… Continue Reading →

Vikings, Lego, ugly sweaters & a quote

Today is Ugly-Christmas-Sweater Day, but I couldn’t find any in little Nomad’s size, so posing in front of one is the best that could be done (No way I was going to buy one and take a selfie, grumpy me!)…. Continue Reading →

10 days, 6 countries, 1 blog

I’ve been traveling full-time since 2013 and have considered starting a blog for a long time. For me, slow travel is the name of the game, but this unusual fast-pace hopping from one country to another is as good an… Continue Reading →

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