The city of Lodz (Łódź in Polish), located roughly in the center of Poland, boasts a collection of around 70 murals.

While some are not worth writing home about, others are absolute masterpieces of street art, like this one, which is both huge and extremely detailed.

Surprisingly, you won’t easily find references to those murals when researching online (unless specifically searching for “Lodz murals”), so if you are a graffiti hunter and looking for new, worthy destinations, Lodz is unlikely to appear on your radar.

Same thing if you are trying to plan your trip to Lodz in advance… At the time of writing this post, only one of the many pictures in Lodz’s article on Wikipedia is of a mural, and not even one of those that leaves you awestruck, yet there are many of those in the city. On Wikitravel, nothing. On Trip Advisor, not a mention in the top 50 things to see and do. Google “things to see in Lodz” and none of the Top 10 lists mention graffiti/murals. And so on…

Fortunately, many are located right the heart of the city, around Piotrkowska Street, and quite a few are so huge that they are visible from far away.

Some of the murals are marked on the local Tourism Office map, so you can easily find them.

That map even mentions that the murals are internationally famous. The thing is, the rest of world is apparently unaware of that fact…